Company Profile

bulletMTI is a full-service, vertically integrated, aerospace components manufacturer.   We fabricate sheet metal parts, machine precision parts, process/finish parts, and build both major and minor assemblies.
bulletMTI provides superior products, built to customer specifications, with on-time delivery, at a competitive price.
bulletWe provide parts and components to nearly all the major aircraft manufacturers.  We have an AS9100 approved Quality system and are Nadcap certified for Dye Penetrant Testing, Heat Treatment, and Plating/Painting.

Mission Statement and Fundamental Values

MTIís mission is to earn a reasonable profit and provide stockholders with a fair market rate of return on their investment. MTIís very existence is premised on the potential for earning profit. Profit is the ultimate measure of how efficiently MTI provides its customers with competitively priced, quality products, on a timely basis. How MTI accomplishes its mission is just as important as the mission itself. MTIís actions are governed by certain fundamental values, which are:

bulletCUSTOMER SATISFACTION - Customer satisfaction comes by delivering quality  products, on time, at competitive prices. Customers are satisfied when MTI understands and responds to market forces impacting their business. Customer satisfaction assures long-term relationships and profit.
bulletEMPLOYEE PARTICIPATION - Employee participation is essential to planning and completing objectives necessary to accomplish MTIís mission. Employees participate in a profit sharing program. Employees are MTIís most important resource as they participate and contribute to profitability.
bulletVISION AND DETERMINATION - Vision and determination will keep MTI at the forefront of a changing world. MTI must anticipate market shifts and resolve to maintain its status as a world class competitor. Without vision and determination, MTIís markets, profits, and jobs will perish.
bulletLAW, ORDER, AND INTEGRITY - Law, order, and integrity require documented policies/procedures, well defined objectives, accountability measures, clean/organized working areas, and honest/loyal employees. These attributes promote quality, efficiency, good working conditions, and profitability.
bulletENVIRONMENTAL CONSCIENCE - Environmental conscience for MTIís community and its surroundings provide hope that future generations will enjoy the same high quality of life that is available to MTIís employees today. MTI conscientiously allocates a portion of its profit each year to support the cultural, educational, and physical environment of the communities where it operates.

Quality Policy

Metalcraft Technologies, Inc. pursues customer satisfaction through continuous and permanent improvement with respect to Product Quality and On Time Delivery. It is our commitment to comply with requirements, reduce waste, prevent defects and improve product quality as we strive towards sustained growth and profitability.

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526 N. Aviation Way, Cedar City, Utah 84720
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