Company Profile

Metalcraft Technologies Inv. (MTI) is a aircraft parts and aero-structures manufacturer.   MTI fabricates, processes, and assembles a variety of detail parts, sub-assemblies, and related tooling in accordance with customer prints and specifications.  We fabricate sheet metal parts, machine precision parts, process & finish parts, and we build both major and minor aircraft assemblies.

MTI provides superior products, built to customer specifications, with on-time delivery, at a competitive price.

We provide parts and components to nearly all major aircraft manufacturers.   We have an AS9100 approved Quality Management System, and we are Nadcap certified for Non-Destructive Testing (Dye Penetrant), Heat Treating, Chemical Processing and Measurement & Inspection.

Mission Statement and Fundamental Values

MTIís mission is to earn a reasonable profit and provide stockholders with a fair market rate of return on their investment.   MTIís very existence is premised on the potential for earning profit.   Profit is the ultimate measure of how efficiently MTI provides its customers with competitively priced, quality products, on a timely basis.   How MTI accomplishes its mission is just as important as the mission itself.   MTIís actions are governed by certain fundamental values, which are:

Quality Policy

MTI aims to enhance customer satisfaction through its ability to consistently provide products that meet or exceed customer requirements for Product Quality and On-Time Delivery.   It is our commitment to comply with customer and applicable statutory and regulatory quality management system requirements, reduce waste, prevent product defects and continually improve product quality as we strive towards sustained growth and profitability.

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526 N. Aviation Way, Cedar City, Utah 84721
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